Corporate strategy: A differentiated proposition in Epigenetics

ORYZON is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company that leverages epigenetics to discover and develop innovative personalized therapeutics for patients with CNS disorders and cancers.

While other companies are exploring a variety of epigenetic targets in oncology, ORYZON offers a truly differentiated proposition in this biotech landscape.

ORYZON is the most specialized LSD1 Company. We have been working on this fascinating target since 2009, we own the broadest IP portfolio and have the most extensive clinical development program in this epigenetic area. We have a promising and very advanced program in oncology, with two clinical trials currently ongoing, and additional trials in preparation.

ORYZON is the leading industry player developing LSD1 inhibitors for CNS disorders. We have several Phase II trials in CNS concluded or ongoing, and additional trials in preparation.

ORYZON is exploring personalized medicine approaches to CNS and oncology. Our approach involves selecting particular subsets of patients harboring specific mutations causative of these diseases or selecting patients with specific biomarkers predictive of responsiveness to LSD1 inhibition.