Saikat (“Sai”) Nandi

Global Chief Business Officer (CBO)

Dr. Nandi is an accomplished investment executive, business operator, biomedical scientist, and entrepreneur with over 15 years of professional experience in the healthcare and finance industries. In his prior asset management roles as Portfolio Manager at AIG and previously at GCF, he has managed public and private healthcare investments totaling more than $1 billion in enterprise value and has been the driving force behind building some leading biopharmaceutical companies. Earlier in his career he served as Business Development Consultant at the New York State Center for Biotechnology, a NIH-designated incubator where he managed strategic partnerships and capital raising activities.

Dr. Nandi holds a Ph.D. from Oxford University (UK) in Biochemistry, where he was a SKP Clarendon Scholar and worked in the field of DNA repair, synthetic lethality and targeted cancer therapy. He later carried out research as a Visiting Scientist at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (USA) where he was awarded NCI NYSTAR Cancer Biology Fellowship for his work in genome duplication and gene editing technologies. He has authored over two dozen research articles and book chapters in high impact journals.